The Small Print


Production 2 Print Small Business WordPress Website Design Services are affordable and take the hassle out of getting your business online quickly. However, all great deals do come with some rules…

The Small Print

All P2P Small Business WordPress Website Design Services include setting up the WordPress software on your hosting provider’s server, so your website can be built quickly and easily.

Why does P2P not sell domains?

Unlike many other website design providers, you will own your hosting and website domain name. P2P does not sell you hosting or domains – you purchase domain hosting and your domain name yourself, so you know who has access to the back end of your website at all times. However, we do recommend that you choose for your domain name registration and hosting service needs. HostGator provides superior customer service for all their products and their rates are highly competitive, so you get the benefit of fast, functional and well-maintained hosting for a terrific value.

Do I buy my domain before you start?

Yes please, you are responsible for purchasing your domain name and website hosting service before you purchase your website package from P2P. We only install the WordPress software and build your site. We will guide you through purchasing the necessary services if you wish, as we know it can be a bit confusing.

But I want to buy from GoDaddy…

We understand that GoDaddy has very cheap domain names and you may choose to purchase your domain URL from them. That’s fine with us! However, we will not be responsible for WordPress software not installing or functioning correctly, or being hacked, if you chose to purchase website hosting on

How will I be billed?

All Small Business WordPress Website Design Services packages require half of the full purchase price to be paid in advance through PayPal. The final half of all package rates is due before delivery of your finished WordPress website.

PayPal billing not only provides you with total security of your credit card or account information, it also allows us to start your website design immediately! That’s a “win-win” for you and for P2P.

How do I know I’ll get what I paid for?

All P2P Small Business WordPress Website Design Services packages require our clients to enter into a business contract before services will be provided. Your contract is just as much of a guardian for you, as for us. It gives you written proof as to exactly what is included in the small business website design package you chose, along with the exact amount you are going to pay for the package and copyright assignment of your finished website.

The contract also details payment schedules and all limitations or liabilities concerning your business and the P2P Small Business WordPress Website Design Services.

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