The Junior CEO Package


Package 3 – The Junior CEO

So many businesses are now offering multiple services and product lines that it is difficult to fit them all on three web pages and still allow everything you offer to stand out. We created the Junior CEO page for your kind of business.

The Junior CEO offers you five web pages. You receive a home page containing professionally-written content explaining everything your business offers. You can also add photos of your goods or yourself, so people can see exactly what you sell. Your Home page will also display a Google Map link to your business, so customers can find you easily.

We’ll include a contact page with an optional email contact form and basic information, such as your business address, your business hours and contact phone and email information.

Since you may have two or more services or lines of products that you are offering your clients, we’ll include an additional information page for your website. This page will contain specific details concerning other services or products you sell and can include either additional photos or information of interest to your buyers.

The Junior CEO package also includes a photo gallery page and a blog page, so you can easily update new services or items you are offering;

  • The photo gallery page is where you can display your online portfolio of products you have available, or samples of the work you have done.
  • The blog page lets you easily update your business information, as you add new services or catalog items for your clients.

The Junior CEO Design Package includes

  • 5 WordPress themes to choose from
  • Personalization of 1 WordPress theme
  • 1 Home Page
  • 1 Information Page
  • 1 Photo Gallery Page
  • 1 Blog Page
  • 1 Contact Page
  • Set up of the WordPress CMS software
  • Set up of one business email account
  • Addition of a Google Maps link to your web page
  • An e-mail contact form for your Contact Page
  • Professional writing assistance for home page and information page content

starting at $1,000

Client is responsible for purchase of domain name and hosting. No website updates, or website/blog content updates are included in this package. For information on content management or website updating services, please call us at 818-888-6447.


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